Super Typhoon Odette

This past Friday, Dec 17, at 2AM, Super Typhoon Odette landed in the south of Negros Island in the Philippines.  While we in the north of the island experienced very strong winds and roofs/walls of houses of some of our scholars were blown away, the south of the island experienced much flooding and even stronger winds that destroyed and decimated many homes.

One of our dear friends who has been involved with Tapulanga and St. Francis of Assissi School for many years was directly affected.  She sent us this message early on Saturday --- My husband and I and 3 farmers spent a harrowing 5 hours in fetal positions under a cement countertop as the typhoon blasted our home.   We prayed till 5 am as our house was falling around us.  The typhoon destroyed many building structures in our community and some homes were flattened to the ground.  But we thank the Almighty that we are all safe and alive.  And we feel for our fellow Binalbaganons who also lost their houses and property.

Friends of Tapulanga would like to ask for your help as we try to raise as much funds to help families repair and/or rebuild their homes. We hope to provide galvanized roof, hardiflex for walls and wood for ceilings/trusses to families who need them.  And please help us by praying for the many families who are facing this sobering situation just a week before Christmas.  Thank you for your generosity and your prayers.

To donate by credit card ---

To donate by check, please mail to Friends of Tapulanga, 8511 Black Star Circle, Columbia MD 21045