Anthony and Clarita Geoghegan

On March 5th, sponsors Anthony and Clarita Geoghegan had the pleasure of meeting their scholars for the first time. Allesa de la Cruz, a 12th grader at St. Theresita’s Academy, and Francis Buizon, a 10th grader at St. Francis of Assisi School of Silay City, have been under their sponsorship since the 7th grade. The meeting was made even more special with the presence of Ms. Clarita’s sister, Ms. Circe Ortaliz.

The late Mrs. Maria Gilda Ortaliz-Clavejo, Ms. Clarita’s sister and a fervent supporter of the Tapulanga Foundation, initially introduced Ms. Clarita to the scholarship program. The time they spent with their scholars was heartwarming and deeply touching for the couple. Currently vacationing from Portugal, they cherished the opportunity to finally meet the students they’ve been supporting.

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