Ballesteros family

On December 23, 2023, the Ballesteros family, Andre, Milag, and their son Adam, visited St. Francis of Assisi School in Silay City for the first time. They had a special reason for this visit—it was their way of celebrating their 24th wedding anniversary.
During their visit, the Ballesteros family met their eight scholars and their families, bringing them a delicious meal from Jollibee. This thoughtful gesture added an extra touch of joy to their meet-up and made their anniversary celebration even more meaningful.
What makes Andre’s contribution even more remarkable is that it is partly funded through a matching grant from his company in Singapore. This means his generosity is amplified, making a greater impact on the scholars’ lives. The matching grant from Andre’s company is a testament to their commitment to corporate social responsibility and their recognition of the importance of education.
The Ballesteros family’s visit brought joy and nourishment to the scholars and their families, fostering a sense of connection and support. The scholars and their families were undoubtedly grateful for the Ballesteros family’s generosity and the opportunity to meet them in person.
It’s inspiring to see how Andre and Milag chose to celebrate their 24th wedding anniversary by giving back to the community and supporting education. Their dedication, coupled with their company’s support, creates positive change and sets a shining example for others.
It all began in 2013 when Andre’s brother, Atty. Francis “Dingby”, started sponsoring a child in Pre-Kindergarten. Their mother, Mrs. Jerette Ballesteros, joined in 2015, followed by sister Atty. Karreen and Atty. Dingby’s wife, Atty. Maan, in 2017. Now, Andre and Milag have continued the family legacy of supporting education and making a difference in the lives of these scholars, while celebrating their love and commitment on their special day.
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