Christmas Gift Giving Program 2021

Christmas is soon approaching. Do join and support Tapulanga Foundation's annual Christmas Gift Giving program.

For only $15, you can give a scholar a gift package (a 5 kilo bag of rice, a Christmas Eve spaghetti pack for the family, a pack of chocolates and a personal gift item).

We are hoping to give JOY to 616 scholars and their families this 2021! And we would also like to give something special (chicken ham) to all our teachers, staff and volunteers and 5 kilo bags of rice to at least 600 families of nearby communities.

Click here to purchase your gift of hope and love today!

You will also have the opportunity to print or email a holiday gift card to
tell your loved ones that you have honored them with a gift that truly matters.

Send an e-Card or Download Here

May you have a joyous holiday season
and a year of peace and happiness!