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Donor Visits 2023

Williams Family

Last January 4, the family of one of our German volunteers, Lukas Darwin Williams, visited St. Francis of Assisi School. His parents, Bryce and Christiane, and his siblings, Finley, Lilo and Elly were toured around the school by Lukas and they met the students that Lukas helps every day.

Thank you so much Williams family for spending time to get to know about the foundation, the school and the scholars and for sharing your son to us for a year!

St. Mary’s Filipino Community Choir

St. Mary’s Filipino Community Choir (SMFCC in Dubai) members Ms. Rodelyn Soldevilla Pillosis, Ms. Palachie Soriano and Ms. Mabel Andres visited St. Francis of Assisi School last January 4 and met their grade 10 scholars, Andrea Dinson and Rhea Santillan, and 2nd year college scholar, John Roger Soldevilla. Ms. Palachie also got a chance to meet her lunchmeal scholars Charles Caro, Shane Diaz, Ryza Dieta and Clarice Dionio of Grade 8; and Matt Laurent Diaz of Grade 10. They were joined by Fr. Alan and Ms. Joy Parreno, the siblings of their co-member, Ms. Leila. They brought Jollibee snacks and a bag of goodies for their scholars.

We are so blessed with SMFCC’s loyalty and support as they have been sponsoring kids to school through Tapulangan since 2009, the year after they held a concert and chose Tapulanga as the beneficiary!

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Rafael Abello (Grade 12 students of St. John’s Institute)

Thank you so much to the Grade 12 students of St. John’s Institute for raising funds to sponsor Khian Rein Bugna of Kindergarten for three school years! Their Christmas outreach program was spearheaded by Batch Vice Governor Rafael Abello. Funds were raised through the selling of Christmas gift tags.

May this inspire or encourage more youth to be involved as well in helping more children go to school!

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Lea and Hugo Mackay

Last January 5, 2023, Tapulanga donors mother and 18-year-old son, Ms. Lea and Hugo Mackay, visited Silay. Hugo wanted to volunteer at St. Francis of Assisi School for a couple of weeks and decided to extend for two more weeks after meeting the students. He assisted a few 6th-grade students every school day with their Learning Activity worksheets and held Math tutorials after school every afternoon for selected Junior high school students. He also shared some of his talents with the students, especially playing the bagpipe which was a unique experience for everyone in the school. Ms. Lea also tutored some grade school students after classes in reading and comprehension.

It was such a blessing for the students to have the Mackays spend one month in school. Their help has been so important to us.

Thank you, Ms. Lea and Sir Hugo! All of your volunteer work is greatly appreciated. We pray that you will come back soon!

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Carla Kay Flores

Last September 6, Tapulanga donor Mrs. Carla Kay Flores visited her scholar, Janel Montillano at her school campus. Janel is an 11th-grade STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) student studying at St. Theresita’s Academy in Silay City.

Ms. Carla has been sponsoring a child to school since 2015. Janel is her second scholar to help. Thank you so much Ms. Carla for your continued support and generosity towards the foundation and its causes. May the Lord God bless your good heart always!

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