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Donor Visits 2022

Mr. Sunder Nandwani and Mr. Chandru Menghnani

Last November 2022, Tapulanga Foundation donor Mr. Sunder Nandwani visited the school and brought Mr. Chandru Menghnani to know about the lunch meal program of the foundation. After knowing about the program (and having a taste of the meal to be served that day to the scholars),he sponsored the lunch meal of 10 scholars for this school year thru Friends of Alex M. Praise God!
Thank you, Mr. Nandwani and Mr. Menghnani for your support to our children!

Christine Logan

Last November 2022, TF’s new donor Ms. Christine Logan visited St. Francis of Assisi School and met for the first time her 2nd grade scholar, Kia Xyreen Palabrica. Thank you Ms. Cres for your lovely visit!

Mr. Wayne Tulayba

TF donor, Wayne Tulayba, visited the school for the second time last November 16. He met his new 5th grade scholars, Adeh Montero and Prince Jeric Pasinabo as his scholar already graduated. He also met Ms. Megan Thomas’ (his bestfriend) scholar, Ira Maxine Diamante, for the second time since 2018! What a wonderful time to be reunited again! Thank you also Sir Wayne for bringing Jollibee meals for the kids.

Clarice Ascalon and Cherry Belle Pillon

SFAS Class of 2010 alumni, Clarice Clang Ascalon and Cherry Belle Pillon, visited their Grade 7 Tapulanga scholar, Justin Federico, on his 1st day of school (SY 2022-2023)! Thank you donors for remembering your scholar!