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Donor Visits 2019

Ms. MM Cusi, Ms. Michellin Lacson & Ms. Sabrina Garcia

TF sponsors Ms. MM Cusi, Ms. Michellin Lacson and Ms. Sabrina Garcia visited their 5th grade scholar, Prince Justin Arriola, yesterday (March 26, 2019). Prince was so grateful for the grocery gifts they brought! It is always a blessing when donors visit the school and meet their scholar/s. Thank you!
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Stephen Matti & Raffy Garcia

Last September 3, Tapulanga donors Stephen Matti and Raffy Garcia visited their scholars at SFAS. Stephen met his new scholars, namely, Jerey Mae Soldevilla of grade 2, Benchie Pasaporte and Justin Galvez of grade 7 and got to see the school for the first time. Raffy has visited the school in the past but this time met his new scholar, Camille Faith Macabales in grade 3.
They came with their friends from work, Sheila Ventura, Angie Tamesis, Happy Maloles and Lucy Mendoza and after seeing the school, especially the children, the four eagerly asked to sponsor a child. 🙂 Thank you to all of you for a wonderful visit to the school!
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Sir Jun Daniel

Thank you to our Tapulanga donor, Sir Jun Daniel, for visiting us at our office last August 13 (with your family) and for bringing gifts for your 7th grade scholar, Princess Julaine Vicario! She’s one blessed scholar! 🙂
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Richard and Susan Yapjoco

Thank you Richard and Susan Yapjoco for visiting your three scholars, Khent Pamati-an, Roxanne Galagate and Marie Antonette Mosquera! They are truly blessed to have such wonderful sponsors like you! 🙂
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Anonymous Donor

Thank you so much to a donor who wants to stay anonymous for sponsoring her Pre-Kindergarten scholar’s 5th birthday celebration at SFAS last Tuesday, July 16! Gab Iglesia’s class enjoyed the spaghetti and chicken meal from Jollibee! 😀 He is truly blessed to have you as his sponsor. God bless your generous heart!
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Ms. Felma

Tapulanga donor from St. Mary’s Filipino Community Choir in Dubai celebrated her birthday last July 31 by visiting the school and homes of her 3 scholars, namely, Janice Bircolano from grade 4 and Francisca Concon and Andrea Dinson from grade 7. It was indeed a great experience and a privilege for them to meet and know their generous sponsor personally!
Thank you so much Ms. Felma for the wonderful visit, groceries for your scholars and the lunch treat with your scholars and the Tapulanga team! God bless you always and more! 😍
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Ms. Emily Orcullo

Thank you Ms. Emily Orcullo for visiting your grade 1 scholar, John Rodmark Labetoria, in school and at his home and for surprising him with a LEGO toy, keychain and backpack.
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Reggie Jacinto-Barrientos

Last July 31, 2019, TF board member Reggie Jacinto-Barrientos, together with her eldest son, Diego, visited the school and met with their scholars, Emjae de la Cruz, Aigrette Acasio and Reign de la Cruz. Diego also shared his experience as a “professional” junior tennis player to our Grade 10 students.See more photos…