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Anthony and Clarita Geoghegan

On March 5th, sponsors Anthony and Clarita Geoghegan had the pleasure of meeting their scholars for the first time. Allesa de la Cruz, a 12th grader at St. Theresita’s Academy, and Francis Buizon, a 10th grader at St. Francis of Assisi School of Silay City, have been under their sponsorship since the 7th grade. The meeting was made even more special with the presence of Ms. Clarita’s sister, Ms. Circe Ortaliz.

The late Mrs. Maria Gilda Ortaliz-Clavejo, Ms. Clarita’s sister and a fervent supporter of the Tapulanga Foundation, initially introduced Ms. Clarita to the scholarship program. The time they spent with their scholars was heartwarming and deeply touching for the couple. Currently vacationing from Portugal, they cherished the opportunity to finally meet the students they’ve been supporting.
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Ballesteros family

On December 23, 2023, the Ballesteros family, Andre, Milag, and their son Adam, visited St. Francis of Assisi School in Silay City for the first time. They had a special reason for this visit—it was their way of celebrating their 24th wedding anniversary.

During their visit, the Ballesteros family met their eight scholars and their families, bringing them a delicious meal from Jollibee. This thoughtful gesture added an extra touch of joy to their meet-up and made their anniversary celebration even more meaningful.

What makes Andre’s contribution even more remarkable is that it is partly funded through a matching grant from his company in Singapore. This means his generosity is amplified, making a greater impact on the scholars’ lives. The matching grant from Andre’s company is a testament to their commitment to corporate social responsibility and their recognition of the importance of education.

The Ballesteros family’s visit brought joy and nourishment to the scholars and their families, fostering a sense of connection and support. The scholars and their families were undoubtedly grateful for the Ballesteros family’s generosity and the opportunity to meet them in person.

It’s inspiring to see how Andre and Milag chose to celebrate their 24th wedding anniversary by giving back to the community and supporting education. Their dedication, coupled with their company’s support, creates positive change and sets a shining example for others.

It all began in 2013 when Andre’s brother, Atty. Francis “Dingby”, started sponsoring a child in Pre-Kindergarten. Their mother, Mrs. Jerette Ballesteros, joined in 2015, followed by sister Atty. Karreen and Atty. Dingby’s wife, Atty. Maan, in 2017. Now, Andre and Milag have continued the family legacy of supporting education and making a difference in the lives of these scholars, while celebrating their love and commitment on their special day.

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Siega Family

In December 19 of last year, the Siega family once again participated in the heartwarming Christmas Gift Giving program organized by the Tapulanga Foundation at St. Francis of Assisi School in Silay City. Sir Jun and Ms. Elizabeth, accompanied by their son Gabriel, have been actively sponsoring eleven children for two school years already. Ten of these children are currently studying in our school, while one is a college scholar at Silay Institute.

The Siega family’s dedication to supporting these children’s education is truly commendable. Despite living away from Silay City, they make it a point to visit their scholars every time they come home for vacation. This personal connection allows them to witness firsthand the impact of their generosity and build meaningful relationships with the children they support.

It’s worth mentioning that Ms. Elizabeth was introduced to our scholarship program by her sister, Ms. Sophie Encabo. Sophie, along with her daughters Paula and Patricia, and her husband Sir Noel, has been sponsoring a child for the past five years. The Encabo family’s involvement has inspired and encouraged the Siega family to join this noble cause.

The collective efforts of the Siega and Encabo families demonstrate the power of compassion and the importance of giving back to the community. Their commitment to supporting these children’s education is making a significant difference in their lives, providing them with opportunities for a brighter future.
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Mitch and Precy Remitio

On February 28th, Mitch and Precy Remitio visited St. Francis of Assisi School in Silay City. It was their first time visiting the school. Mitch has been sponsoring a child in our school since 2015, and he is now on his second scholar. His first scholar has already graduated from high school, which is a great accomplishment.

Precy, on the other hand, is from the St. Scholastica’s Academy Class of 1984. Her batch has been sponsoring a child since 2019, showing their commitment to education and making a difference in a child’s life.

During their visit, they had the pleasure of meeting their scholars: Isaiah Joaquin “Wacky” de Erit in 5th grade and Ivy Maxene Namuag and Anthon Dave Duay in 10th grade. Wacky and Ivy are full scholars, benefiting from Mitch and Precy’s generous support. Anthon, on the other hand, is Mitch’s lunch meal scholar, receiving assistance specifically for his lunch meals.

It’s heartwarming to see Mitch and Precy’s dedication to education and their scholars. Their contributions are making a significant impact on the lives of these children, giving them the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

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Homevisits for SY 2024-2025

St. Francis of Assisi School in Silay City and the Tapulanga Foundation have both started their admissions process for the upcoming school year 2024-2025. As part of this process, the Tapulanga Foundation conducts home visits to the homes of the scholar applicants. These visits serve multiple purposes. Firstly, they allow our staff and volunteers to gain a better understanding of the applicants’ living conditions and family backgrounds. This helps us assess whether they are suitable candidates for the scholarship program.
Additionally, the home visits enable us to establish a personal connection with the applicants and their families. Ultimately, the goal of these home visits is to make well-informed decisions and ensure that the scholarships are awarded to deserving individuals who will benefit greatly from them. We are grateful to everyone who warmly welcomed us into their homes as well.
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Mr. Sunder Nandwani and Mr. Chandru Menghnani

Last November 2022, Tapulanga Foundation donor Mr. Sunder Nandwani visited the school and brought Mr. Chandru Menghnani to know about the lunch meal program of the foundation. After knowing about the program (and having a taste of the meal to be served that day to the scholars),he sponsored the lunch meal of 10 scholars for this school year thru Friends of Alex M. Praise God!
Thank you, Mr. Nandwani and Mr. Menghnani for your support to our children!

Christine Logan

Last November 2022, TF’s new donor Ms. Christine Logan visited St. Francis of Assisi School and met for the first time her 2nd grade scholar, Kia Xyreen Palabrica. Thank you Ms. Cres for your lovely visit!

Williams Family

Last January 4, the family of one of our German volunteers, Lukas Darwin Williams, visited St. Francis of Assisi School. His parents, Bryce and Christiane, and his siblings, Finley, Lilo and Elly were toured around the school by Lukas and they met the students that Lukas helps every day.

Thank you so much Williams family for spending time to get to know about the foundation, the school and the scholars and for sharing your son to us for a year!

St. Mary’s Filipino Community Choir

St. Mary’s Filipino Community Choir (SMFCC in Dubai) members Ms. Rodelyn Soldevilla Pillosis, Ms. Palachie Soriano and Ms. Mabel Andres visited St. Francis of Assisi School last January 4 and met their grade 10 scholars, Andrea Dinson and Rhea Santillan, and 2nd year college scholar, John Roger Soldevilla. Ms. Palachie also got a chance to meet her lunchmeal scholars Charles Caro, Shane Diaz, Ryza Dieta and Clarice Dionio of Grade 8; and Matt Laurent Diaz of Grade 10. They were joined by Fr. Alan and Ms. Joy Parreno, the siblings of their co-member, Ms. Leila. They brought Jollibee snacks and a bag of goodies for their scholars.

We are so blessed with SMFCC’s loyalty and support as they have been sponsoring kids to school through Tapulangan since 2009, the year after they held a concert and chose Tapulanga as the beneficiary!

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Rafael Abello (Grade 12 students of St. John’s Institute)

Thank you so much to the Grade 12 students of St. John’s Institute for raising funds to sponsor Khian Rein Bugna of Kindergarten for three school years! Their Christmas outreach program was spearheaded by Batch Vice Governor Rafael Abello. Funds were raised through the selling of Christmas gift tags.

May this inspire or encourage more youth to be involved as well in helping more children go to school!

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