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Mr. Wayne Tulayba

TF donor, Wayne Tulayba, visited the school for the second time last November 16. He met his new 5th grade scholars, Adeh Montero and Prince Jeric Pasinabo as his scholar already graduated. He also met Ms. Megan Thomas’ (his bestfriend) scholar, Ira Maxine Diamante, for the second time since 2018! What a wonderful time to be reunited again! Thank you also Sir Wayne for bringing Jollibee meals for the kids.

Clarice Ascalon and Cherry Belle Pillon

SFAS Class of 2010 alumni, Clarice Clang Ascalon and Cherry Belle Pillon, visited their Grade 7 Tapulanga scholar, Justin Federico, on his 1st day of school (SY 2022-2023)! Thank you donors for remembering your scholar!

Tapulanga team goes to Ilaya Resort!

The Tapulanga Foundation team, together with the German volunteers, took a much deserved break last Wednesday, September 28 at Ilaya Highland Resort in Patag, Silay.
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Welcome Hilfprojekt Mariphil German volunteers!

Last August 25, 2022, Tapulanga Foundation welcomed the Hilfprojekt Mariphil e.V volunteers in Iloilo City. The Foundation is in partnership with MARIPHIL since 2019 – with Annelie Paul and Franzi Osterrieder as our 1st batch of German volunteers, Jade Mae Dehnel and Annika Zöller as our 2nd batch of German volunteers – and now welcoming our 3rd batch of volunteers from MARIPHIL – Anna Paulin Krüger, Jule Bär, Lukas Williams and Jan-Niklas Haase who will be staying in the Philippines until August 2023!
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Donation Drive 2022

Last August 17, 2022, over 70 residents of Sitio Roma in Silay City gathered and received donations of used clothing, footwear and toys from Tapulanga Foundation. This small act of kindness brought smiles in their faces and joy in their hearts.

Thank you to all the donors who generously donated. May God bless you all!

Christmas Gift Giving 2021

Tapulanga Foundation once again held its annual Christmas Gift Giving program to help not just their scholars, but also neighboring schools and communities who needed a lift in their Christmas spirit this holiday season amidst the continuing pandemic.
Last December 13, 2021, TF was able to share their blessings to a total of 159 families: 134 students and 10 teachers of Jose D. Cuaycong Elementary School, 5 tricycle drivers and 10 sakada farmers.
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Christmas Gift Giving 2020

Year 2020 greatly tested the Filipinos’ resiliency as a pandemic took over not just in our country, but the whole world. Many were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic – losing their jobs, businesses and lives.

As we ended the year 2020, Tapulanga Foundation shared their blessings once again to their scholars and neighbouring communities through their annual Christmas Gift-Giving program. This simple act of kindness has helped over 1,300 families amidst the pandemic. Read more here: